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WBA World Conference in Bangkok, Thailand 29.11. - 01.12.2022

World Birdstrike Association World Conference bringing all aviation stakeholders together for voices to be heard, actions to be planned and to mutually address wildlife strike risk.  Let’s do it TOGETHER. 

Venue: Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC), Bangkok Thailand

General topics:

  • Reporting, Recording and Analysis with Assessment Action Plans
  • Habitat Changes and working towards a cleaner environment
  • New Technologies
  • SMS – Annex 14 and Risk Measures
  • IBSC technical papers
  • Willdife Hazard Managent at Military airbases and in the airspase

Calling for Sponsors:

  • Platinum - USD$1500 Plus Day 1 Lunch
  • Gold - USD$1000 Plus Day 1 Lunch
  • Silver - USD$500


Calling for Nominations for

  • ·The best IBSC technical paper
  • ·The best implementation of WHMP at an Airport
  • ·Implementation of the best monitoring methodologies at Airports

Please register your interest, choosing the sponsor type and contact us at: boardwba@worldbirdstrike.com

Participants Fees:

  • USD$300 per person - face to face, presentation option, life discussion
  • USD$150.00 per person – virtual, no presentation, chat box questions

Watch our website for updates at: www.worldbirdstrike.com

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