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WBA-Europe Meeting in June in London, UK

The WBA is proud to partner with ACI for the London Airports Expo 9-10 June, 2020 in London England.  There will be no fee for registration.  The two day event will include  WBA Europe and WBA Military group meetings on 9 June. We would like all interested to submit papers/presentations for the meetings.

Presentation topics that support the theme may include, but are not limited to:

• Recent investigations of interest.

• Helicopter, and drone Bird/ Wildlife mitigation 

• Data methods, techniques and future developments for Bird/ Wildlife mitigation.

• Airport methods and techniques

  •   ATC Issues and solutions to Bird/Wildlife mitigation

• Global Climate change and the effect on Bird/Wildlife hazards to aviation

  •   Bird/Wildlife issues and solutions for military operations

Presentations must be in English and should be 20 minutes long. There will be an additional 5-10 minutes for questions at the end of each presentation.

Abstracts should include a brief CV for the author [1 page only please] and send to christian@worldbirdstrike.com, michelg@worldbirdstrike.com, albert@worldbirdstrike.com

For further information about the conference, please use link below: